SIMPLY MEASURED: American Idol Partnerships with Google and Facebook Bolster Second Screen Experience

Earlier this week, FOX’s American Idol announced new partnerships with Google and Facebook. American Idol’s audience has been discussing the show on social media for a very long time, this partnership is a great way to capture all of the show’s online buzz and turn that into participation. In the upcoming season, users will be able to vote online and see how finalists are faring in real-time.

These new partnerships showcase a growing sophistication among TV companies when it comes to fostering second screen engagement. While Twitter still rules the roost for real time action (and is still a big component of American Idol’s social strategy), the opportunity to diversify is growing daily.

It’s not surprising that American Idol would want to make this move. The show’s audience is very responsive to their current social media presence.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.36.26 PM

With 11.6 million fans on Facebook, American Idol has an active audience that jump at the opportunity to engage. Just last week, American Idol drove over 140K total engagements, thanks mainly to this post:

 American Idol tapped Facebook to power their “live visualizations”, which are intended to “bring a new dimension to the viewing experience and enhances the connection fans have with the show (MarketingLand).” By pulling together their TV and online fans, American Idol will have greater opportunities to convert passive viewership into active participation.

Although Facebook’s involvement with American Idol seems relatively basic, we can surely expect to see bigger things coming from this partnership in the near-future.

American Idol’s partnership with Google is unique. Google will be powering an online voting platform, where users can directly vote for contestants via Google has never done anything like this before and this system will be the first of its kind. American Idol has created a faster, easier, and more accessible voting process than ever before.

This is Google’s first run as a online voting platform, but you can bet other TV networks will be paying attention.

The American Idol partnerships with Google and Facebook will surely give viewers more opportunities to participate and engage within the community. These are the first of their kind, but we’re willing to bet that it certainly won’t be the last.

Which networks do you see as the future of second screen engagement?

  • Posted on February 28, 2014 by Jade Furubayashi
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